Be Free Bakers began out of love – love for family, friends, food and the environment.  Our goal is to bring all four together in harmony and happiness – all while being free of allergens and healthier for you simultaneously.

Be Free Bakers has created an entire line of completely natural, allergen-friendly, whole grain,
non-GMO baked goods and mixes you can enjoy freely without worries.

We package our cookies and mixes in compostable wood pulp bags, made of Natureflex®, and package them in American-made boxes and cartons made of recycled materials.  The labels are made of recycled materials and printed locally using soy inks.

All Be Free Bakers gluten free products are made with uncompromised natural ingredients from the earth, using carefully selected, certified gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free ingredient sources. All are fair trade and organic where possible. We purposefully test for gluten at random intervals using the Elisa Method.

Our wish to you: “Be Free: Love What you Eat!”

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