Planting Seeds: How A Cute Boy Inspired…

Planting Seeds
How A Cute Boy & Some (Un)fortunate Gas Led To Gluten-Free Baking

The Gas

Early on in our pre-marriage dating years, it just didn’t make sense:  How could one person have THAT MUCH GAS?  Seriously!  The guy was amazing, fun to be around, intelligent, good looking and funny – alas a potentially good marriage candidate.  But my goodness, dear man!  The gas…  Something had to be done.  Suggestions were made:  Considered going to a doctor?  Nope. Not going. He was a guy – and that’s just what guys do – they fart. A lot. Well… really?


When the headaches started coming, things looked ominous.  The MRIs, EEGs, the CAT scans – all showed nothing. Nada. Zilch.  Since the man’s father had passed away decades earlier from brain cancer, the headaches were taken far more seriously than the gas – and traditional/allopathic tests just had to be done. When nothing was found (thank goodness) it was again suggested that an alternative doc be consulted.  “You think some quack is going to find something that the real doctors at Northwestern couldn’t?”  Well, yes, actually. And no, this one’s not a quack. (She was an M.D. who received additional “alternative” training in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy. Perfect!)

The Verdict

And so it happened that within 15 minutes after walking in the door of the “alternative” MD, the man was told to stop eating wheat, gluten and sweet potatoes.  Yes, he complied. Two days later the gas stopped and the headaches disappeared. Amazing? Yes. That it took 5 YEARS & thousands of dollars in tests to get to this point, well… Honestly, he feels lucky it’s merely a food-intolerance and/or Celiac Disease. (Never did get properly tested, but gluten = uncomfortable bowel issues + headaches.) Many people suffer for decades – some even a lifetime, before a food-intolerance or allergy is even diagnosed.

New Beginnings

When you stop to think about it, this is by far the best health-related news you can hear: You must stop eating x, and you will feel better. Yes, it does get easier! Yes, the kitchen, health markets and farmer’s markets become new, or even more familiar, stomping grounds.  Sometimes this news inspires a complete life change, planting seeds for a new, healthier baking company – Be Free Bakers.

Every single day I am grateful for this experience.  Nature is truly amazing, overwhelming us with beautiful, organic, natural, healthy and allergen friendly food choices. It is up to us all to fearlessly play in our kitchens and enjoy the experience.  My sincere hope is that you are grateful too as we pass along and share our experiences and baked goods with you.

Be Free: Love What You Eat!

About befreebakers

Be Free Bakers was started out of love - for family and friends who have food intolerances or allergies. What began as a simple act of baking has turned into a massive attempt to change the way we look at healthy foods - what goes into them, where the ingredients come from, the way food is grown and packaged and how they are prepared with love in the kitchen. We have enjoyed this process tremendously and can't wait to share our journey and love for eating well and loving it!
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